The Lab at Diversified Medical is an awesome facility. We have 32,000 watts of high intensity lighting, CO2 supplementation, and two 5 ton A/C units to perfectly control the environment, all in one four hundred square foot room. All the lights are cool tubed with air pulled through the lights and exhausted outside.

If you’ve read our page on this website about Death Bubba, you know that Death Bubba is a feeding, curing, and hand trimming regimen and not a specific clone or seed. In order to grow flower that meets the Death Bubba title, you’ve got to have a grow room that is completely dialed in, like our Lab.

The goal at Diversified Medical is to take our plants to their full genetic potential. The steps you take to get cannabis to that level is something that has been argued and debated about for decades!

We create a synergistic event during our 9 week growing and flowering cycle. We do a number of things that all happen simultaneously to make the plant produce as much crystal development and trichome development as possible.  Not all strains will be able to receive or take this growing regimen, so the first step was for us to identify the strains that would take this amazing feeding schedule without burning up. Our Death Bubba is pre-98 Bubba Kush crossed with an amazing Rockstar phenotype with exceptional crystal production. Our Lemon Walker comes from DNA Genetics. And our new Purple G-code has us so excited, we just can’t wait for it to finish! You can see from the pictures on this page just how purple it is and how covered in trichomes it is at just week 6.

During the 2 week vegetative growth phase we start feeding the plants at 600-700 ppm. The natural CO2 level in our room is around 500 ppm, so from the first week of veg we keep the CO2 level at the same ppm as our feeding schedule requires. We induce the plants into the flowering stage by “flipping” the lights to a 12/12 regimen, or 12 hours of light with 12 hours of darkness every day. From that point on the ppm on our feeding schedule will rise until it gets to its highest level of 1500 ppm for the Death Bubba and 1200 ppm for all other strains. The CO2 is raised to 1500 ppm to match the feeding schedule again. We start the flushing process at the end of week 6. Nothing is harvested until the outflow into our drain to waist tank matches the fantastic pure water that we have on Vancouver Island. We make sure this reading at 45 ppm stays consistent for at least a full week before anything is cut down to hang dry.

At the very end of the flowering cycle we do something completely different from most growers, because unless you have a top class flower room like ours it’s just impossible. For the last three days of flower before harvest, we turn off the lights and take the flower room completely dark. We turn the temperature in the room down to 50 degrees. And we fill our feeding tank with ice and we feed extremely cold ice water to the plants. The plants think an extremely cold winter has arrived, and they begin to make more and more trichomes and crystals in order to protect itself from the elements. When we turn the lights back on, the beautiful colors you see in our pictures have come out, and the crystal development is as thick as you’ll ever see!

We will keep this page updated each crop to let you know how the flower looks and what we’re growing. It looks like we’ll be harvesting in just a week or so, and we’ll have this tasty flower from our own room on the website for you to try as soon as it’s been cured to perfection!