Death Bubba

Almost every dispensary in Canada knows Death Bubba as an Indica dominant strain that consistently sells out of stock as fast as you can put it on the shelf.

Diversified Medicals Death Bubba is a powerful medical flower that descends from a pre-98 Bubba Kush male crossed with a truly amazing Rock Star mother. Its smell is strong, lingering and skunky with floral and “earthy” terpenes. The floral end of the nose is much stronger than you would have expected.

The rosin production from our Death Bubba is insane. It holds the record for the highest rosin content we’ve ever produced from a single test press, yielding a 34% return. When our Death Bubba is run into shatter it produces a 4 ounce yield from a single pound of flower!

The bud is dense, but it’s a natural denseness, and not something that’s been vacuum packed too tight. A half-pound of fresh Death Bubba can be pulled out of the bag, held up in the air, and it will hold its form as if in a mold…. as the rosin content of this bud is so high it acts like a cannabis glue!

When smoked, the high hits you immediately and you can feel the indica-rich buzz begin its effects. The flavor is amazing, and the smoke is very similar to the best top shelf Kush. This strain will leave you very sleepy, giggly and relaxed for hours with a mind-numbing couchlock.
The amazing truth about “Death Bubba” as a strain, is just that it’s not a strain! Death Bubba originally comes from a famous grower in British Columbia who goes by the name “The Grand Master”. He is the one who first introduced Death Bubba as a product, and he had instructional grow videos on Youtube that detailed the formula he used to accomplish growing and curing the final flower. We at Diversified Medical discovered The Grand Master just as we opened The Lab. You could not have asked for a better teacher! He still grows the product today using a Bubba Kush pheno he has selected over the years for its excellent yield, rosin content, and trichrome development.

Death Bubba is accomplished by a specific feeding schedule and a curing regimen.